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Proformance Plus Functional Trainer

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Functional Trainer PPMS-245

  • Extension arm offers 150 of vertical adjustments and 165 of horizontal adjustments (hydraulically supported arms for safe and easy adjustments).
  • Designed for speed, functional and ballistic training, and is accessible for wheelchairs, rehab equipment, workout benches and stability balls.
  • Ball bearing swivel pulleys, increase fluidity and cable response for more effective sport specific training.
  • Independent movement for bilateral and unilateral training.
  • 86-inch cable travel per handle.
  • Two (2) 300 lbs. weight stacks. Resistance at handle is 1/4 of the weight selected.

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Functional Trainer PPMS-255

  • Compact size uses less floor space than traditional cable crossovers.
  • Independent 15 position pulley columns allow for unilateral and bilateral exercise. 
  • Swivel cable ends and handles allow natural wrist movements without cable twisting.
  • Multi-grip chin-up bar for wide, narrow, reverse and neutral grip upper body exercises. Full length steel protective rear weight enclosures.
  • Wide-base frame designed for functional, speed and ballistic training, is accessible for wheel-chairs, rehab equipment, workout benches and stability balls.
  • 150 lbs. (200 lbs. optional steel weight stack 1:1/2 ratio  50 Percent of the resistance (Also available option  1:1/4ratio 25 Percent of the resistance). 


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